Message from Secretary General

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Dear Delegates

It is with immense gratitude that I take on the role of the Secretary-General of
the Model United Nations, and am exceedingly pleased and honored to invite
you to the second rendition of The Goenka Model United Nations 2023.
The Secretariat has envisioned The Goenka MUN as a platform that inculcates
ethics of professional finesse and diplomacy which go a long way in making us
responsible and sensitive global citizens. Through the medium of this debate, the
Secretariat and I, aspire to impress upon the delegates and the International
Press members, the imperative skills of public speaking, conciliations and
We sincerely hope you join us and cherish this opportunity to engage in the two-day conference of efficacious and constructive deliberations. 

Om Kapoor

Secretary General
The Goenka Model United Nations 2023

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