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The power of humanism has the most profound impact on human civilization. Society’s initial experiments with individualistic humanism post the Renaissance movement had its contradictions and limitations. Attention then moved toward Socialistic Humanism. Its results too have not been very promising.

Today humanity finds itself trapped by its egotism. It is enslaved by desires and their gratification resulting in complex problems like the breaking down of social and community ties, environmental degradation, growing gap between the rich and the poor, and deep distrust among nations resulting in the stocking of nuclear weapons. How to bridge the chasms of mistrust & hatred between different peoples, cultures & religions? The words of Dr. Wiesenthal provide the answer, “Tolerance is the prerequisite for the peaceful coexistence of all people on this earth and the only alternative to the hatred that led to the horrible crimes against humanity.”

What we require today is active tolerance. It is to have the courage to oppose all forms of violence and injustice; to adopt a way of life based on empathy, seeing the world through other people’s eyes.

The time is ripe to move towards a new form of humanism that sees the individual as being one with the universe. As the human race comes to understand and believe that every life form partakes from the universe, it will come to understand that essentially there are no differences between us.

No nation can be hubristic enough to think that it can exist in isolation. Courageous dialogue, the essence of which is listening to the opinion of others, speaking for what is right, and pronouncing amicable resolutions is the only way forward.

My dear delegates of Goenka MUN, “If you cannot be a courageous enemy of evil, you cannot be a friend to the good” Are you ready to be a friend to the good? I believe so. A spark has been ignited in your hearts. Keep it alive.

Anuradha Handa

GD Goenka Public School | Gurugram

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