About the Secretariat

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Anmol Sandhu

Introducing Anmol Sandhu, our USG Conference Affairs, an individual who can vitalize any room through her immaculate interpersonal skills. With a deep love for basketball and a passion for theatre, Anmol embraces the arts as a means of self-expression. She looks forward to joining the delegates in The Goenka MUN '23 in Sustaining Ideas and Creating Change, with a power and boldness that she so uniquely brings to the table.

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Rasana Prasad

Introducing Rasana Prasad, our Director-General ,a distinguished debater and a geopolitical research enthusiast. With numerous achievements in debate competitions and MUN conferences, Rasana has also gained a profound understanding of global issues which lend her a voice to advocate for positive change. For her, MUN is an empowering platform for fruitful dialogue and self expression of the highest degree. She believes that the experience of learning something new supersedes any award that one might get.

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Dev Pratap Singh

Introducing Dev Pratap Singh, our USG Executive Board Affairs, a charismatic and driven individual known for his exceptional organisational skills. Armed with a sharp numerical acumen he is truly both the brains and brawn behind this event. It is his able management that will make Goenka MUN '23 truly an enriching experience for everyone involved.

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Sanyam Jain

Introducing Sanyam Jain, our Head of International Press, a storyteller with a passion for Hindi and English literature and occasionally dabbling in filmmaking and poetry. A highly experienced journalist, he has gotten his articles published in leading newspapers and eagerly awaits to guide a committee of enthusiastic IP members.

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Pawani Chadha

Introducing Pawani Chadha, our USG delegate affairs, an advocate for Freedom of Speech, Pawani believes in voicing one’s opinions and ideas, no matter the cost. Pawani is the MUN club president at GDGPS 48 and displays exceptional leadership skills. She hopes that this MUN is a delight for the delegates and provides a platform to raise their voices freely, fearlessly and fiercely.

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Panav Minocha

Introducing Panav Minocha , our Head of International Press, who lives for the art of writing. Being the Head of our school’s Writing and Research Club, Panav adores the value of free speech, and exalts liberal, progressive ideals, through articles and poetry. Having immense respect for journalism, Panav believes that the International Press is an imperative part of democracy, and seeks to welcome each and every IP member with open arms.

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Shaivya Manchanda

Introducing Shaivya Manchanda, our Head of IT, an enthusiastic photographer with an unwavering passion for capturing moments through his lens. He finds joy in the art of editing, transforming his images into captivating masterpieces. He is incredibly tech savvy and is truly the glue that joins the technical department of Goenka MUN‘23. He looks forward to capturing memories that will last a lifetime and making sure the MUN is conducted hassle free.

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Pranav Madaan

Introducing Pranav Madaan, our Head of IT, a spirited individual who thrives on challenges and embraces them with open arms. A true tech-wizard, his skills have been a great asset for this secretariat. With an unwavering positive mindset, Pranav approaches life with optimism, his strong determination fueling his actions, driving him towards his goals with unwavering focus. He is determined to make this MUN flawless from the technical department.

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